SMAshIng : Social Media And Innovation, potential joint cooperation opportunities

SMAshIng – Social Media and Innovation is a joint project between the Media Lab of Geneva, the Tudor Research Center of Luxembourg,  and the University of Technology Australia analyzing the innovation paths and behaviors within  Organizations in relationship to Social Networks.

Social Networks seeking an academic perspective

are a welcomed partner for our project since our academic approach is both objective as well as highly confidential. Consequently our research is very relevant to various stakeholders since it is unbiased whilst addressing key challenges and issues related to Innovation and Social Networks such as the tipping point for company internal social networks or cluster analysis of Public Social Networks.

Research Organisations and Educational Institutions

interested in Social Media and Innovation are most welcome to visit us and learn about our research and tools. If we can agree on a common research topic, we will be delighted to engage in a Strategic Partnership.

Our focus on Innovation and Social Media is centered 

around disruptive Innovation, digital clustering, social capital, relational capital, open innovation, innovation ecosystems, human versus machine interactions, user generated content, and many other related topics.

For a contact, a master class  on Innovation and Social Networks, or any other question related to this 3 year research project that was launched mid 2014, please contact us by sending a mail to :