SMAshIng : Social Media And Innovation, leveraging digital and diversity to foster Innovation

SMAshIng – Social Media and Innovation is a joint project between the Media Lab of Geneva, the Tudor Research Center of Luxembourg,  and the University of Technology Australia analyzing the innovation paths and behaviors within Organizations in relationship to Social Networks.

Companies seeking to link their Innovation Strategy

to Social Media and Tools  have questions ranging from the best innovation practices to types of innovation fostered and the ideal combination between internal and external social networks. Furthermore leveraging synergies between public social networks and media with company internal resources is a key challenge for many organizations.  Which are the benefits that knowledge workers can derive from social media in order to enhance creativity and cross fertilization of ideas and know-how?

Our group has extensive experience

in the fields of analyzing Communications, Management Practices and specifically Innovation as well as  Social Capital through Social Media and Network Analysis.

This expertise is built on digital communications experience  with a cross disciplinary approach that leverages Knowledge in E-reputation, Surveys including  on-line & interactivity, Methodology for analysis of content, Focus groups, Market analysis and study, Web expertise and Social Networks.

Partners participating in this project

will be at the leading edge of our research as well as influence our focus. Our research is supported through various tools ranging from communications studies to graph analysis. Innovation studies range from disruptive technology innovation to business model innovation, as well as product enhancement innovation and process innovation.

If you are interested in a Partnership  or other forms of cooperation concerning the Social Networks and Innovation project, please  send a mail to :