SMAshIng : Social Media And Innovation, an International Research Project

SMAshIng is an international Research Project between the Media Lab of Geneva, Tudor Research Center of Luxembourg, and the University of Technology Australia,  focusing on the Innovation Potential of Social Networks for Organisations.

Social Media and Innovation

Social media revolutionizes the way organizations interact. However these new exchange methods highlight new opportunities as well as threats for organizations in search of fostering Innovation.

Companies are seeking to harness the advantages of this shift in behaviors while minimizing the risk of losing competitive advantage when sharing knowledge in Public Social Media networks.

Social Media makes intensive use of web-based and mobile applications to create interactive platforms where individuals and communities can share, co-create, discuss, and modify user-generated content. Social Media is an effective way of promoting interactions in which heterogeneous actors operate in different social spheres in order to foster innovation.

Our Research Focus for Social Media and Innovation

The SMAshIng project seeks answers to issues  related to the effects of Social Media on organizational innovation capabilities. The contributions of this research will be twofold :

The managerial contribution involves identifying organizational best practices regarding Social Media use such as the challenges  linked to leveraging internal as well as external social media  and networks.

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The conceptual contribution lies mainly in the analysis of the impact of Social Media use on innovation processes as well as Open Innovation and Innovation Ecosystems.

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Capture d’écran 2016-05-03 à 18.47.23Pierre-Jean Barlatier,

Senior Researcher

Strategy & Innovation Management, CRP Henri  Tudor, Luxembourg




Patrick Yves Badillo,


Director  Medi@LAB-Genève,

Université de Genève

Capture d’écran 2016-05-03 à 18.46.46Emmanuel Josserand,

Professor, University of Technology,

Sydney, Australia



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Angela Von Beckh et Virginie Zimmerli,


Université de Genève