Medi@LAB at a glance

Medi@LAB: Doctoral school and research fields

With an interdisciplinary team, Medi@LAB-Geneva, a research and expertise center in new medias, the Web, and traditional medias, manages the Doctoral School in Information, Communication, and Media Sciences. It develops its research around four axes:

  •   Digital usages and medias (social media and online communities: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., network maps, media impact, e-reputation…)
  •   Communication (communication strategy, crisis communication, political communication, influence of media and of information speeches, community management…)
  •    Media economy and management (digital economy of telecommunications and the Internet, new technologies, branding, market studies, advertising and audiences, media concentration…)
  •    Journalism and new practices on the Internet (new journalism, web-journalism, data protection and security, traceability…)


 Medi@LAB-Geneva 2013 projects

  •  Launch a Continuing Education Diploma in september 2013: « DAS Management 2.0: Télécommunication et Internet » oriented in Business communication, web expertise and social networks.
  • Medi@LAB innovates and launches the first “e-media” days in Switzerland, with an international symposium “IS THE FUTURE IN E-MEDIA?” on May 10 and 11, 2013 in Geneva.
  • The Medi@LAB meetings”: on a bi-monthly basis, high level academics and practitioners will meet to discuss key themes in communication, journalism, and new medias, starting spring 2013.